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Week One: Location, Location, Location

1) I chose the artist Louise Despont because i feel i connected with her the best, while the other artists had similar approaches to working at home i felt connected to her because of her medium of drawing (which i also follow along with sculpture). I also felt a strong connection with her because ofContinue reading “Week One: Location, Location, Location”

List of Public Forms of Communication/ Announcements

Angelina Bellows (Openhym 324)- waved Ben Middlemiss (Powell Campus Center)- said Hi Jacob Wilson (phone) – texted me ] Isabella Dorozynski (Brick)- Gave me a hug Map for Art walk (Cohen Gallery) Flyer for room assignments for next year (Openhym stairwell) “STOP! FIRE!” (Door of Openhym rooms) “Exit” (Openhym exits) “Be sure to flush theContinue reading “List of Public Forms of Communication/ Announcements”

Group Symbol Designs and placed in different context

Our original ideas for this assignment were three drawings that had nothing to do with one another. I had proposed a cow drawing i had done that represented the country land that we are surrounded by here in Alfred, it had both Alfred University colors and also Alfred State colors too. Fiona proposed a drawingContinue reading “Group Symbol Designs and placed in different context”