Fuse Week- Color Time!

My artist is Spencer Finch, who I am honored to be assigned. Spencer Finch is an extremely well known artist who has created artwork that millions of people see each year, some without even noticing it, I knew Mr.Finches artwork before this project when i went to the 9/11 memorial museum and saw his beautiful blue sky representation. From what i can see color is extremely important in Spencer’s artwork and it draws strong emotions even if the design is simple. Finch uses many solid strong colors to create sculptures, colored glass walls, and many other forms of artwork. From what i can see he uses the color cobalt blue in many of his pieces and it personally is soothing to look over his art, the bold contrasting solid colors and the way that he uses light as an advantage is incredible and it makes each piece enjoyable to look at.

One thought on “Fuse Week- Color Time!

  1. Hi Morgan — I love that sometimes the things we are asked to do as projects connect us with things we have seen out in the world and didn’t know its significance. That you saw Spencer Finch’s work on location and could see how the brilliance of the color is so important to the work is fantastic. Seeing artwork in real life is a completely different experience than as a photograph. The thing I enjoyed about seeing this week’s color assignments is that the objects each student chose to use for their color collections give a window into what populates the spaces in your daily life. Keep up the good work!


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