Week One: Location, Location, Location

1) I chose the artist Louise Despont because i feel i connected with her the best, while the other artists had similar approaches to working at home i felt connected to her because of her medium of drawing (which i also follow along with sculpture). I also felt a strong connection with her because of how she describes the privacy of her work and the calmness surrounding it. She speaks about how often when we think of artists we see paintings and then in their private sketchbooks (obviously) you see sketches and drawings of life. I find that peaceful because so often when i tell people i draw they give me a stink eye of sorts and would prefer me to almost say “oh i paint” instead. I felt this sense of comradery in a way because she was someone that was successful in her work with this medium. Personally i am unsubtle to fathom how they so easily (it seems) work at home, while I on the other hand am struggling to get things done in such a peaceful environment. My studio is located in my room so I am always tempted to rather than finishing my assignments – take a long (well earned) nap.

Welcome to my field guide (i spelt field wrong on the cover but i am going to say it was purposeful and truly “morgan”)
as you will see on the inside cover of my field guide i have different items that mean things to me and show you a bit about who I am and where i am working. I chose these items specifically because of their meaning to me.

1)contacts case- I chose this item because for as long as i can remember i have needed glasses to see and because of that i was often taunted or called nerd, these contacts, although not used too often let me step away from that persona.

2)Lil Dumpling Light- I chose this because my mom and dad gave it to me for my birthday while i was away at school, i often used it as a nightlight and it reminds me of home and gives me comfort(even though i am already home).

3)Watch- My yellow watch is representative of one of my favorite days with my family and wearing it makes me extremely happy. now That i am not working in brick or Cohen i am able to not be completely covered in my art materials so i am able to wear it more now.

4)brush- My mom and i both have incredible curly hair, while the rest of my family has pin straight hair. i used to hate it because it was frizzy and brushing it always made me cry because it hurt so badly but now i look at it as something my mom and i have in common and in a way it bonded us.

5)Pin- This pin symbolizes my dreams being here at home. I have always wanted to travel the world and so i put a pin into my map where i have gone and hopefully one day the map will be covered with them.
Welcome to page two!
1)A Daily Doodle- This may seem like an odd thing to find on a field guide to me but this is something i can not help but do every single day. Since high school all of my notes and papers have been covered in these oddly shaped doodles. it is calming to me and i can’t help but do it every day so i thought i would add it to my guide:).

2)Smile Pin- My smile pin is something that i own that brings me happiness. i am a happy person and often i forget how that affects others, by being positive and happy that often affects other people around you in a good way and so when i see this pin i try to remember that.

3)Lip Balm- this is in my field guide because you will likely never see me without at least seven chapsticks because of my severely dry lips.

4)Mom’s ring- this was a gift my mom gave to me at the age of fourteen, she told me about how she wore it at my age and it makes me want to be more like the powerful lady that she is.

5)Colored pencils- these colored pencils are my love, i often write in them for assignments not to do with art(which has gotten me into trouble before). Colored pencils were my home in high school. everyone seemed to have their style, their material and their art all figured out when i started high school while i had no idea what was happening, my teacher suggested i so a drawing using colored pencils and it was like i knew what i was supposed to do, i finally had something i liked and was good at, and that led into college, until foundations pushed me away from the “colored pencil safety net” i had built myself

6)Earring- these earrings were a gift feom my family and when i wear them i feel like the most confident version of myself.

7)wave ring- this ring was given to me from my sister, it is important to me because my sister gave it to me and also because it represents my home and my safe place- the ocean.

One thought on “Week One: Location, Location, Location

  1. Hi Morgan — Angie here. I’ll be responding to your homework for the remainder of the semester. I agree with you that drawing is important. That when we apply that much scrutiny to an object as we observe it in order to render it as an image we come to understand its importance in our lives in an expanded way. Something as simple as chapstick is revealed as an important ritual in your day. I like that you have included mementos that symbolize your connections to different family members. We hoped that the field guides would be a good way to get reacquainted with home environments that may have become more distant since moving onto college.

    I’m looking forward to checking out this week’s color wheel assignments!

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