Flag Proposals

As a group Tyler, Fiona and I worked harmoniously to put together the best flag we could in the allotted time. Although we were not able to sew together the whole flag like the other class i believe that the flag still stands out and represents Alfred as a community as well as my group mates and I. The flag on one side is purple and gold and on the other blue and gold to represent both the neighboring schools as a whole. The symbol shown on both sides is a piece of pottery, this represents my group, because we all have interests in ceramics, and it also represents the school because the school is so well known for the incredible ceramic/art program.In high school Tyler Fiona and I all had ceramic courses that drew our interests and made us want to take more ceramic classes here at Alfred.Our flag is something that we are proud of and we are very happy with the outcome i sincerely believe it represents the community here at Alfred very well.

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